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Re: [Help-smalltalk] ParseTreeRewriter refactoring

From: Stephen Compall
Subject: Re: [Help-smalltalk] ParseTreeRewriter refactoring
Date: Fri, 12 Jan 2007 17:46:20 -0600
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Paolo Bonzini wrote:
    " copy the instance variables (if any) "
    1 to: num do: [ :i |
        aCopy instVarAt: i put: (self instVarAt: i) copy.

Ah! For some reason I skimmed over this, assuming there was a deepCopy at the end of this line rather than a copy.

Attached is a patch that uses the new onMatch: variants in the accept*Node: methods where feasible, against patch-240. Most of it was written by a query-replace-regexp with some reindenting. It passes

Stephen Compall
2006-01-12  Stephen Compall  <address@hidden>

        * compiler/ Use the visit*:onMatch: variants
        of visit*: in accept*Node: methods of ParseTreeRewriter.  Add

--- orig/compiler/
+++ mod/compiler/
@@ -772,6 +772,9 @@
 visitNode: aNode
     ^self visitNode: aNode searches: searches onMatch: [:newNode |]!
+visitNode: aNode onMatch: aBlock
+    ^self visitNode: aNode searches: searches onMatch: aBlock!
 visitNodes: aNodeList
     ^self visitNodes: aNodeList onMatch: [:newNodes |]!
@@ -813,15 +816,20 @@
 !ParseTreeRewriter methodsFor: 'visitor-double dispatching'!
 acceptAssignmentNode: anAssignmentNode 
-    anAssignmentNode variable: (self visitNode: anAssignmentNode variable).
-    anAssignmentNode value: (self visitNode: anAssignmentNode value)!
+    self visitNode: anAssignmentNode variable
+        onMatch: [:newField | anAssignmentNode variable: newField].
+    self visitNode: anAssignmentNode value
+        onMatch: [:newField | anAssignmentNode value: newField]!
 acceptArrayConstructorNode: anArrayNode 
-    anArrayNode body: (self visitNode: anArrayNode body)!
+    self visitNode: anArrayNode body
+        onMatch: [:newField | anArrayNode body: newField]!
 acceptBlockNode: aBlockNode 
-    aBlockNode arguments: (self visitArguments: aBlockNode arguments).
-    aBlockNode body: (self visitNode: aBlockNode body)!
+    self visitArguments: aBlockNode arguments
+        onMatch: [:newField | aBlockNode arguments: newField].
+    self visitNode: aBlockNode body
+        onMatch: [:newField | aBlockNode body: newField]!
 searchCascadeNodeMessage: aMessageNode messagesTo: newMessages
     "Helper for acceptCascadeNode: -- descend to aMessageNode, but no
@@ -854,31 +862,39 @@
      no replacements were made."
     notFound size == aCascadeNode messages size 
-           [| receiver |
-           receiver := self visitNode: aCascadeNode messages first receiver.
-           newMessages do: [:each | each receiver: receiver]].
+           [self visitNode: aCascadeNode messages first receiver
+                 onMatch: [:receiver |
+                     newMessages do: [:each | each receiver: receiver]]].
-       do: [:each | each arguments: (each arguments collect: [:arg | self 
visitNode: arg])].
+       do: [:each | self visitNodes: each arguments
+                         onMatch: [:newArgs | each arguments: newArgs]].
     aCascadeNode messages: newMessages!
 acceptMessageNode: aMessageNode 
-    aMessageNode receiver: (self visitNode: aMessageNode receiver).
-    aMessageNode 
-       arguments: (aMessageNode arguments collect: [:each | self visitNode: 
+    self visitNode: aMessageNode receiver
+        onMatch: [:newField | aMessageNode receiver: newField].
+    self visitNodes: aMessageNode arguments
+        onMatch: [:newField | aMessageNode arguments: newField]!
 acceptMethodNode: aMethodNode 
-    aMethodNode arguments: (self visitArguments: aMethodNode arguments).
-    aMethodNode body: (self visitNode: aMethodNode body)!
+    self visitArguments: aMethodNode arguments
+        onMatch: [:newField | aMethodNode arguments: newField].
+    self visitNode: aMethodNode body
+        onMatch: [:newField | aMethodNode body: newField]!
 acceptOptimizedNode: anOptimizedNode 
-    anOptimizedNode body: (self visitNode: anOptimizedNode body)!
+    self visitNode: anOptimizedNode body
+        onMatch: [:newField | anOptimizedNode body: newField]!
 acceptReturnNode: aReturnNode 
-    aReturnNode value: (self visitNode: aReturnNode value)!
+    self visitNode: aReturnNode value
+        onMatch: [:newField | aReturnNode value: newField]!
 acceptSequenceNode: aSequenceNode 
-    aSequenceNode temporaries: (self visitArguments: aSequenceNode 
-    aSequenceNode statements: (aSequenceNode statements collect: [:each | self 
visitNode: each])! !
+    self visitArguments: aSequenceNode temporaries
+        onMatch: [:newField | aSequenceNode temporaries: newField].
+    self visitNodes: aSequenceNode statements
+        onMatch: [:newField | aSequenceNode statements: newField]! !
 ParseTreeRewriter class
     instanceVariableNames: ''!

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