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[Help-smalltalk] Re: Dictionary>>#addAll: fails

From: Stephen Compall
Subject: [Help-smalltalk] Re: Dictionary>>#addAll: fails
Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2007 18:06:24 -0500
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Jānis Rūcis wrote:
    "Answer a new instance of Dictionary initialized from the keys and
    values of Associations in anArray.  This method is for convenience
    only;  it allows its argument to be conveniently specified as a
    braced Array literal that is structured accordingly:  {'key' ->
    'value'. 'another key' -> 'another value'}."

And maybe suggest that any other usage is considered "misuse" and is
"strongly discouraged or bad things will happen"...  :)  Basically I
think it should make it very clear that it's there for convenience.

I would like to avoid repeating what is already said in Collection class>>#from:'s docstring. Is there a way to document Dictionary in a way that is less confusing but avoids explaining what is already specified elsewhere?

;;; Stephen Compall ** **
Failure to imagine vast possibilities usually stems from a lack of imagination, not a lack of possibility.

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