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[help-songanizer] Problem Installing Songanizer

From: nikhil khullar
Subject: [help-songanizer] Problem Installing Songanizer
Date: Fri, 22 May 2009 11:38:59 +0530

Hello everybody,

I just wanted to try Songanizer out first. But, sadly, am unable to install Songanizer. I am using Fedora 10 and I did the following:

Firstly, I extracted the tar.gz . Then, using cd, I navigated to the destination directory. Then I ran # ./configure . This took a minute or so and then gives an error: Gnu Libextractor must be installed.After this error, make and make install can't be run.  I downloaded a .tar.gz package from here:   .Then followed the same steps for that. This doesn't work either. I am unable to figure out where I went wrong. Please help...

Nikhil Khullar

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