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GNU Gengetopt 2.8

From: Lorenzo Bettini
Subject: GNU Gengetopt 2.8
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 2002 22:40:43 +0100
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GNU Gengetopt 2.8 has been released.  It is available from and mirrors of that site (see list of
mirror sites at

GNU Gengetopt generates a C function that uses getopt_long function
to parse the command line options, validate them and fill a

Version 2.8

   * Multiple options are handled (i.e., options that can be given
     more than once at command line), thanks to
     Janico Greifenberg <address@hidden>.
   * Options can be grouped in a mutual exclusive way (thanks to
     Ronnie Lazar <address@hidden>).
   * Fixed default values handling for double and long types (thanks
     to Pierre Bacquet <address@hidden>).
   * Can generate a config option file parser (thanks to
     Jens Jakobsen <address@hidden>)
   * Print the position of a parse error (error reported by
     Christian Richter <address@hidden>)
   * backward compatibility warnings (with gcc 3.2) have been removed

Visit the Gengetopt home page at

Anonymous CVS access is now available.  Please visit
where you can find detailed descriptions of how to access the CVS
(read-only).  I plan to make release-candidate versions available
through CVS.

Bug reports should go to address@hidden


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