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[Fwd: GNUstep Weekly Editorial 07-12-2001]

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: [Fwd: GNUstep Weekly Editorial 07-12-2001]
Date: Fri, 07 Dec 2001 08:27:36 -0700
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                          Editorial 07 December 2001

The mailing-lists

   Nicola Pero proposed a new setup for the Makefile achitecture, which
   was an idea of Helge Hess. Looks very promising

   Once in a while the discussion pops up, about GNUstep and it's ties to
   Window Maker and this week it happened again. And I think Adam Fedor
   gave the ultimate answer, so to quote him:
   "No matter what WM we work with (even if it's written in ObjC) we'll
   most likely communicate using X protocols. The ones Window Maker has
   are pretty good, and some other, even more standard ones are being
   developed. It's more than feasible that GNUstep can do everything it
   wants using the protocols that are already in place."

Code changes

   Nicola Pero: bundle.make (internal-bundle-install): Use h option with
   tar to dereference symbolic links to external files if any; use
   --exclude Contents/Resources with tar; create the Contents/Resources
   --> Resources link manually after installing the bundle with tar.

   He is also responsible for the redisplay handling after the color is
   changed on the background or text.

   Richard Frith-Macdonald did a lot of work this week on the base
   library. First of all the on the mailinglist mentioned shift of SSL
   support to a bundle, but also a lot of optimizations and bugfixes.


   Laurent Julliard added Date and Number Formatters to Gorm.


   Dennis Leeuw added the HTML version of the Defaults Summary to the
   Defaults document

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