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ANN; GNUstep examples version 1.0.0

From: Adam Fedor
Subject: ANN; GNUstep examples version 1.0.0
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 21:10:45 -0600

This is  the GNUstep Examples package (`gnustep-examples').

What is the GNUstep Examples Package?

In this package there is a full collection of examples for the GNUstep
libraries.  Some tests are very old, other are newer; some are
up-to-date, other are not.

Where can you get it?

The gstep-examples distribution file has been placed on
`' in `pub/gnustep/core'.

If You Are a Programmer

Join us: write GNUstep apps!
Objective-C is exciting and easy to learn if you know C and object
oriented programming fundamentals.

Where do I send bug reports?

Bug reports can be sent to the GNUstep bug list <address@hidden>

Obtaining GNU Software

Check out the GNUstep web site. (<>) and the GNU
web site. (<>)

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