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[ANN] SOGo-0.9-20070629 released

From: Wolfgang Sourdeau
Subject: [ANN] SOGo-0.9-20070629 released
Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 22:55:20 -0400

Inverse team is happy to announce the pre-release 0.9-20070629 of Scalable (alias "SOGo").

[ Release 1.0 ]

SOGo has evolved a lot during this past year and we will soon be able to make a 
release 1.0 of our project. Inverse groupe conseil invites you to test is 
extensively and report bugs. Also, we would be glad to hear about your 
experience, in particular if you are using it in a work environment. This way, 
we will be able to provide a free groupware suite with enough functionalities 
and ease of use that proprietary equivalents will be made obsolete.

[ What is SOGo ? ]

SOGo is a flavour of OGo that was redesigned for scalability while keeping the 
fundamental functionalities of a groupware server. It can be used both as a Web 
application with a user interface that integrates well with the Mozilla 
application suite, or as a GroupDAV and CalDAV server which you can then access 
from your native client application of choice such as Mozilla Thunderbird and 

Inverse has contributed to SOGo many enhancements and features, such as :

- Fresh AJAX-based user interface which mimics the Thunderbird / Lighthing / 
Sunbird look and feel while reducing resource usage
- Calendar, address book and IMAP folder sharing
- Exchange and Oracle Calendar-compatible ACLs
- Tasks support and vCard storage support for contacts
- Multiple address books per user and LDAP-based address books
- CalDAV support
- Auto-creation of database tables for an easier setup

Screenshots of the Web interface for the calendar, address book and email 
modules are available from :

and of the native interface provided by Mozilla Thunderbird and Lightning :

Finally, you can also visit Inverse's website ( which 
contains more information about SOGo 
(, our Thunderbird GroupDAV 
plugin ( 
and our Lightning Enhancer plugin 

[ Changes since the last release ]

- the default view in the calendar module is now the weekly view (in conformity 
with Lightning).
- all the database tables are created automatically, the SQL scripts where thus 
- the dates in the mail module are now displayed correctly and are set to the 
user's timezone.
- SOGo will now refuse to run as root.
- searching and sorting columns in the mail and addressbook modules has been 
rewritten and is working again.
- the search criteria will now be taken into account in both modules as well.

[ Getting SOGo ]

SOGo is free software and is distributed under the GNU GPL. As such,
you are free to download and try it by either getting the newly
released snapshot from :

or by getting the sources from the official SVN server :

Documentation about the installation and configuration of SOGo is available 
from :

[ Getting support ]

For any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by writing an email to : 

We are continuously working on the project and a full-featured release 1.0 is 
to come very soon!

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