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ANN: Addresses 0.4.7 released

From: Riccardo
Subject: ANN: Addresses 0.4.7 released
Date: Fri, 20 Jul 2007 20:22:13 +0200
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Addresses 0.4.7 is now available!

With this release Addresses is now part of the GNUstep Application Project ( This transition shall ensure that it will be available also in the future and it has been authorized by the author, Mr. Gieseler. Thus this version is official and not a fork.

What's new?

- the makefiles are now gnustep make 2 compatible
- editing in the AddressManager is now compatible with the latest gnustep versions
- improvments in the VCF parser
- transitioned into the new GAP home

Where is it?

Addresses has its homepage inside the GAP project:

A direct download link for the 0.4.7 version is:

What is Addresses?

Addresses for GNUstep is a versatile address book application for managing contact information. It stores addresses, phone numbers, pictures, instant messaging information, email, homepages and whatever.

Addresses is also a framework that allows access to the addresses database in a way that is sourcecode-compatible with Apple's AddressBook.framework. It also contains a view framework to facilitate the construction of applications that use the contact database.

 The GAP Team, 20th of July 2007

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