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ANN: GSpdf 0.3

From: Riccardo Mottola
Subject: ANN: GSpdf 0.3
Date: Sun, 05 Jul 2009 23:49:25 +0200
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*GSPDF* v0.3

What is it?

*GSPdf* is a PDF and PostScript file reader, implemented as ghostscript front-end. Ghostscript is required at runtime.

Where to get it?

*GSPdf* is available at the *GNUstep* Application Project, GAP (*gspdf*/index.html <>

About this release

Release 0.3: a new Preference Panel to set the Ghostscript binary path. Code clean ups

Release 0.2: This release bases directly on Enrico's original 0.1 release. The code has been adapted to work also with newer versions of GhostScript which have added security restrictions. On the project side, source files have been cleaned up, a ProjectCenter project has been added and the makefile was regenerated to work with the current version of *GNUstep* Make.

Riccardo Mottola --- The GAP Team

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