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[prfw] Market News: (HTLJ) Heartland Will Soar today

From: Pinnacle Investing
Subject: [prfw] Market News: (HTLJ) Heartland Will Soar today
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2006 02:32:17 -0600
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Heartland Holdings could become one of the hottest new companies on today's OTCBB. With growth like this, look for 400% to 533% share price growth...
Shares Outstanding:20.23M

...with profits of $30,000 or more for every $10,000 invested!

Here's what you need to know today...

Dear Aggressive Investor,

This company could one day become one of the great money-makers on Wall Street. Founded less than a year ago, Heartland Holdings, Inc. has already built an impressive portfolio of acquisitions with a time-proven strategy designed to explicitly create wealth for shareholders.

  1. Acquire a strategically integrated mix of companies for pennies on the dollar,
  2. Parlay their growth to strengthen each company and
  3. Build impressive shareholder value that can turn small start-up investments into life-changing fortunes.
Right now, this strategy is proving so successful, it's growing revenues at a breathtaking pace...so fast that share prices haven't even begun to catch up.

Investors who step in now on HTLJ will be stepping in at a ground floor with a company that's already passed $30 million in sales! And when you consider that most companies on the bulletin boards don't even have revenue, the fact that you can find a $30 million company on the bulletin boards is absolutely amazing.

With this kind of revenue, it's not hard to believe that Heartland isn't selling in the $3 to $4 range, a fact that makes today's $0.60 share price doubly amazing.

After all, if HTLJ hits $3 before the end of the first quarter 07
.$5,000 today will skyrocket to $20,000!And at $4 a share.

HTLJ will soar to over $26,600!

Just look at the company's growth and it's financials for 2005. There's plenty of reason to believe that the stock will soon be trading in these ranges.

Start with the revenue and Heartland's 200%+ growth rate for 2003-2004. In their June 6, 2005 Securities and Exchange filing (10KSB), Heartland management declared:

"Total consolidated revenues for the year ended December 31, 2004 was $50,007,763 versus $4,428,836 for the year ended December 31, 2003."

That's 1,129% growth in just one year! Not bad.
And here's the best part: they're reporting profits too!

Over the same the same time period, pre-tax income shot from a $2.63 million loss (2003), to $753,279 profit (2004)!That's about $.04 a share, which at today's common multiples of 40 to 60 times earning for aggressive growth companies. the stock already has fundamental support at $1.60 to $2.40 a share.Seeing HTLJ at $3 to $4 in the coming year is no stretch at all.So what keeps this out of the eyes of professional investors.and floating along at $0.60 a share?

The snag is in the financial details. Even though Heartland made a huge profit in 2004.
that profit was erased with an extraordinary one-time charge! So instead of jumping onto investor screens with a 4¢ per share profit, HTLJ shows a 12¢ per share loss in its current 10KSB.

If you're a veteran investor, you already know that a one-time charge like this can have nothing to do with the value of the company. It's just routine house cleaning and the time to do that is early.

So now you know. Here's a $30 million company on the bulletin boards that is trading at a piddling $0.60 a share.
you could easily argue it should be trading up to $2.40. In a year, it could be much higher still.

That's because Heartland is targeting strong regional companies in soaring market sectors.

Look at what Heartland management has already assembled in its integrated portfolio.

  • Heavy machining,
  • Fabricated steel products,
  • Specialized machinery,
  • Agricultural products,
  • Commercial construction
  • New home construction

Three companies acquired by Heartland between 2004 and 2005 added the bulk of Heartland sales increases in 2004. These were Karkela Construction, all located in the Midwest.

Heartland's Mound Technologies and subsidiaries also increased sales by 67 percent to $7,389,064 from $4,428,836 in the fiscal year ending December 31, 2003.

In December '04, Heartland entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Ohio Mulch Inc. a 21-year-old company projecting $23 million in sales with an approximate gross profit of $1.2 million for Heartland's bottom line.

In June, 2005, Heartland Holdings Inc. began production of environmentally sound fertilizer using a patented process that digests a wide variety of materials in composting and accelerates material composition. Heartland's composting process eliminates wastes that would otherwise fill landfills and could minimize the use of dangerous, toxic chemicals for fertilizer manufacturing that is currently the norm. This breakthrough product directly targets the U.S. chemical fertilizer market, now at $7 billion annual sales.

Heartland's CEO, Trent Sommerville, said, "The growth strategy employed fiscal 2004 has continued into 2005. [We are] expanding into new, diversified areas that support the company's core segments."

Integrated acquisitions are also cutting costs at Heartland subsidiaries and increasing their competitiveness.

Coordinated operations between the Mound Technologies subsidiaries creates stronger purchasing positioning for raw steel materials. Heartland's combined purchases now total 12,000 tons, which is lowering steel costs due to the new economies of scale.

Strong regional companies integrated into a solid, well-managed whole can rapidly rise to national prominence. For investors starting out on the ground floor, it can be a tremendous wealth-building opportunity not to be missed.

Aggressive investors seeking higher rates of return in their portfolios will want to consider Heartland Holdings, Inc. today...while shares are still trading in the sub-$1 range.

Rapid growth in revenues and an ongoing plan for growth through acquisition makes HTLJ a highly attractive value buy. While it also involves substantial risk, the tremendous growth in revenues to over $30 million in 2005 suggests that early growing pains and the risks they entail are long past.

Heartland Subsidiaries:
Karkela Construction specializes in comercial projects, including new build and remodel. The company has completed over 500 dental and health clinics as well as hospitality projects, banks, places of worship and much more.

Mound Technologies Inc. is actively involved in the fabricated metals industry as well as property management. This business includes two divisions and one wholly owned subsidiary. The Steel Fabrication Division is located in Springboro, Ohio.

This division is a full service structural and miscellaneous steel fabricator. It also manufactures both industrial and architectural quality steel stairs and railings. The present capacity of the facility is 6,000 tons per year of structural and miscellaneous steel.


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