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Re: [Kardsgt-devel] 0.4.0 Status

From: Jennifer Seger
Subject: Re: [Kardsgt-devel] 0.4.0 Status
Date: Sat, 9 Dec 2006 10:27:35 -0600
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On Saturday 09 December 2006 05:50 am, Libella wrote:
> Hello!
> It is nice to read that you are making so much progress. It seems like
> everyone is busy with the game except that I am slow this time. I finished
> the player picture, though. It is attached to this posting.
> For the logo font I figured that I am so much used to the font in the logo
> that simply every other font looks incorrect. dafont.com changed the
> copyright notice of this font (and on many other fonts) so it is now
> "free", not "free for non-commercial" anymore. I was not sure, if this is
> final or if they go and change it back in the future, so to be sure, I sent
> a email to the font author, asking if we can use the font.
> The readme of the font says it is free, but the author would like to be
> included to the credit list. That would be "Jeff Levine" or "Brain Eaters".
> I asked about the current state, because the info seems to be a little
> outdated.
> So what I think we could do is I send you a version of the logo with the
> font used and you include one of the names to the credit list. Do you think
> this is a thing that can be done? An alternative would be, you post a link
> to a font to be used instead. Since this is about the logo I don't feel
> that it should be me who makes this decision, because I am only the artist,
> so I ask you ;).
> And there is one other thing, too. About the player character. In the
> progress I made a few sketches and usually I bake them all into one final
> picture. This time some sketches are left. Enough to make a second, a
> female player portrait. What do you think? Do you want it? It would be very
> little work to make a character portrait of it, now that the sketches are
> there.
> I could send you the two files Sunday or Monday.
> John, Jennifer, I hope you have a nice winter season!
> lg
> Sylvia

I like the idea of having a female player as well. The other player picture 
came out really well, so I have no doubt that the female picture will come 
out just as good. This way we can give the players an option. Hope you have a 
nice winter as well.


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