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Re: [Kardsgt-devel] Cribbage Board Images

From: Libella
Subject: Re: [Kardsgt-devel] Cribbage Board Images
Date: Fri, 18 May 2007 08:53:28 +0200

Sorry for the late reply really busy on my end here. :D We didn't know what
the exact dimentions were in the past, but now after developing a few games
we have a good idea of what size is needed.

For the player images the size is: 90 X 140
The cribbage board is: 220 X 420

If this is final, I will redo the images. Doing the board over again will take some time. 

In the previous release we re-vamped the interface to not have the round count
itnergrated into the cribbage board. Many of our users found this to be too

How do you know this all? The user-mailinglist is always empty. Where are they sending the feedback?

So, to use the cribbage board graphics you've created we can't
have the round count there any more. I appologize for the extra time you'll
spend on that bit.

Is no problem as long as this is the last time ;).

The images in the homepage are not meant to be representation of the in game
graphics. They're scaled down to conserve bandwith.

Telling by the look of the title bar they are absolutely uncompressed. So sorry if I got it wrong (the logo is still a point, though). Anyway: knowing how this looks in the final game is quite important for me. Could you send some uncompressed screenshots to my email-address please?

        Hope your art competition is going well,

It is over and I won.

Wish you a nice weekend,

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