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[Koha-announce] he panui Koha [20 Feb 2003]

From: Pat Eyler
Subject: [Koha-announce] he panui Koha [20 Feb 2003]
Date: Thu, 20 Feb 2003 13:15:38 -0500 (EST)

                            He Panui Koha
                             20 Feb 2003

Hello everyone,

It's been quite a while since I've put one of these out, so I thought
I'd better knuckle down and send something out this week.  There's
been a lot of activity since the New Year and not all of it has gotten
the attention it deserves.

In the world of Koha 1.2, Chris and Steve have put out a 1.2.3 release
which is seeing a good deal of interest with over 1300 downloads from
sourceforge!  If you're using Koha and haven't upgraded yet, you might
want to check out 1.2.3.

Paul has been busy with Koha 2.0 as well.  He released 1.9.0 at the
beginning of February.  This release hase been downloaded nearly 350
times already -- not bad for a beta release!  It also looks like a
1.9.1 version is coming up quickly so if you've grabbed a copy of
1.9.0 and not let people know about problems, you should get right on

Speaking of problems, I'm not sure how many of you know about the Koha
bugzilla tool.  You can see the tool by looking at http://bugs.koha.org --
you can submit bugs (or feature requests there too). There are
currently 47 bugs/feature requests against the development (pre 2.0)
version  ... Should we have a bug stomping day to try and knock these

Language support is continuing to move along.  I had a request from
some Koha users interested in organizing a translation into Breton.
If anyone is interested in helping out, please contact me.  We've also
seen more work on French, Spanish, and Chinese.

Koha is getting international notice as well.  Nicolas Morin wrote to
   "Koha is getting good publicity in France. In it's Feb 2003 issue,
   the French monthly periodical ARCHIMAG [www.archimag.com], which is
   widely read among french librarians and also among "documentation
   centers" people in businesses, features a 3 pages article on Open
   Source solutions in this sector. Koha figures quite prominantly and
   positively in the article, alongside such general purpose softwares
   as Zope. The article goes into a bit of history, mentionning the
   beginning of the adventure with Horowhenua and Katipo, back in
   2000, it then describes the current features and those that will be
   available in the upcoming 2.0 release (MARC support), and finally
   deals with the growing Koha community among french speaking

Linux Journal published an article about Koha in their February issue
too.  A third article is available at:
(sorry for the long URL, but I thought is was better than making you
search for it.) If you see interesting articles about Koha, or are
interested in writing one, please let me know.

One last project related note.  We're trying to find some QA testers
to join the development effort.  If you're interested, please get in
touch with me.


Pat Eyler

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