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[Koha-devel] CVS: koha/marc viewmarc.pl,NONE,1.1

From: Steve Tonnesen
Subject: [Koha-devel] CVS: koha/marc viewmarc.pl,NONE,1.1
Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2001 13:15:46 -0700

Update of /cvsroot/koha/koha/marc
In directory usw-pr-cvs1:/tmp/cvs-serv21900

Added Files:
Log Message:
Prototype marc record viewer and editor.

--- NEW FILE ---

# Add info on biblioitems and items already entered as you enter new ones

use C4::Database;
use CGI;
use strict;
use C4::Acquisitions;
use C4::Output;

my $input = new CGI;
my $dbh=C4Connect;
my $fields;
[...10196 lines suppressed...]
    $fields->{'880'}->{'secondindicator'}="Same as associated field";
    $fields->{'880'}->{'subfields'}->{"6"}->{'name'}="Linkage (NR) $a-z Same as 
associated field $0-5 Same as associated field $7-9 Same as associated field";
    $fields->{'886'}->{'name'}="FOREIGN MARC INFORMATION FIELD (R)";
    $fields->{'886'}->{'firstindicator'}="Type of field";
    $fields->{'886'}->{'firstindicatorvalues'}->{"1"}="Variable control fields 
    $fields->{'886'}->{'firstindicatorvalues'}->{"2"}="Variable data fields 
    $fields->{'886'}->{'subfields'}->{"a"}->{'name'}="Tag of the foreign MARC 
field (NR)";
    $fields->{'886'}->{'subfields'}->{"b"}->{'name'}="Content of the foreign 
MARC field  (NR)";
    $fields->{'886'}->{'subfields'}->{"2"}->{'name'}="Source of data (NR) $a-z 
- Foreign MARC subfield (R) $0-9 - Foreign MARC subfield (R)";


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