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Re: [Koha-devel] 1st Crack at FAQ

From: Tonnesen Steve
Subject: Re: [Koha-devel] 1st Crack at FAQ
Date: Wed Nov 7 11:45:05 2001

On Wed, 7 Nov 2001, Nicholas Stephen Rosasco wrote:

> Hey Koha-coder types!

Under recommended software, you might want to mention that a server
running Linux is required.  Should be obvious to most people, but Apache,
Perl and MySql can all be run on Windows machines as well...  Come to
think of it, it may even be possible to run Koha on a windows machine.  :) 

The koha mailing list information page is at:


The koha-devel mailing list (for developers and those who like to bug
developers) is at:



This is just my opinion and may be completely wrong!  :)

OpenBook is no longer based on Koha.  It was _inspired_ by Koha.  The
people who develop OpenBook wanted to use PHP instead of Perl, and have
created their product entirely from scratch.  It is possible that there
may be some lingering similarities in the database, but even there I doubt
it as they have switched completely to a MARC based database, as far as I

I believe that both products are released under the GPL, but moving code
back and forth between the two would probably not be trivial, based on the
different programming languages, and the different database schemas.
However, I _do_ plan to steal their Z39.50 searching form, as they
obviously have more knowledge of Z39.50 attributes than I do.  :)


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