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Re: [Koha-devel] CVS: koha/updater updatedatabase,1.1,1.2

From: Chris Cormack
Subject: Re: [Koha-devel] CVS: koha/updater updatedatabase,1.1,1.2
Date: Mon Nov 19 12:58:01 2001
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Hi Steve

  Looks like the updater is coming along nicely.
I wonder if it would be worthwhile to do some kinda check the mysql
version running, and if its newish .. make the tabletypes become MyISAM ..
which allows for the fulltext searching etc. 

At the moment because a table type is not specified in the database creation
sql, the tables will be whatever the default table type was at the time the
database was created.

For HLT .. we started off with an old debian stable version of Mysql which
meant our table types were all ISAM.
Ive gone thru and made them all MyISAM which has helped performance a little.
I think MyISAM is now the default and in version 4 on InnoDB will be the new

But If we want fulltext indices we will need the table types to be either
MyISAM or we could go cutting edge InnoDB ?

Just thinking aloud


Chris Cormack                                                     Programmer
025 500 789                                        Katipo Communications Ltd
address@hidden                                          www.katipo.co.nz

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