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[Koha-devel] Primary key does not exist !!!!!!!

From: paul POULAIN
Subject: [Koha-devel] Primary key does not exist !!!!!!!
Date: Thu Feb 28 07:03:49 2002
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Hi everybody,

This is my 1st message on this list.
I'm a new developper of koha. Coming from france.
I've almost a half time job to work on koha to help reaching the 1.2 version, with MARC support. When it will be done, we will use it here, in france, in at least 4 libraries with 80 000 books (christian libraries).

Presently I'm working on admin tool to administer avery parameter table. It should be released on CVS soon.

My fisrt post is to CRY because of a BIG proble in the DB structure:
In most tables there is no primary key defined.
On some of them there are indexes, but no pk.

It's very, very dirty, ugly, infamous, ridiculous (and every -y or -ous term you could find ;-)) from a theoric point of vue, It's the source of perf caveats, (joins make heavy use of primary key. In fact, almost every "join" are usually on a pk of the right part of the expression) It's the cause of some bugs in a practical point of vue : it's not possible to use "append" sql command, which is VERY practical when you have to store datas (the same form is shares for insert and modify actions...)

So, unless there is a very important reason to do so (and I don't know what could be such a reason...), I think a primary key must be defined for every table in the DB...

Who can include them in the db schema ? If you want a SQL patch to correct the DB, I should be able to spend a few hours to do it.

Note : for a 1st post, it may seem to be very critic. As you will see later, I'm usually a happy man ;-))))) It's just that I've work a lot on many DB (mySQL, Interbase, Informix...) and I'm very surprised with this problem. I don't blame anybody.

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