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[Koha-devel] Meeting report

From: MJ Ray
Subject: [Koha-devel] Meeting report
Date: Wed Aug 13 15:56:37 2003
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OK, if you weren't on IRC, here's a summary of what you missed:

Headline figures: 66 bugs open, 313 fixed awaiting verification, 6
verified (thanks owen!), 12 new bugs this week.

Of those 12 bugs, 6 were labelled as enhancement requests, 1 has been
fixed already, 1 looks like it may have been fixed (questions asked of
people involved) and 2 are duplicates of bugs already reported.

The other new bugs are:

577 nor P2 All address@hidden NEW Move HTML out of
authorised_values.pl and marctagstructure.pl

579 nor P2 PC address@hidden NEW biblioitems.classification not
available to search results template

Visit bugs.koha.org now, claim them, fix them and get undying
gratitude of the masses!

Other things discussed included how to handle bugs we can't reproduce
(ask for help on user list, then label as INVALID if we still can't),
when to release pre3 (maybe next week, while Paul is away), why it's
not rc1 (upgrade scripts still almost totally missing) and much else.

Personal update:
I've still got 9 installer bugs to play with.  I hope to have a little
time this week to clear 2 or 3 and enough next week to clear the rest,
depending on whether pre3 is released or not.

Transcript with all its lovely errors on http://www.koha.org/irc/ --
see you at 1900 UTC next Wednesday!

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