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[Koha-devel] Z3950 Server, MARC::Record, how to build a record for Koha

From: Joshua Ferraro
Subject: [Koha-devel] Z3950 Server, MARC::Record, how to build a record for Koha
Date: Tue Aug 26 07:18:35 2003
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Hi everyone,

I have been working on a Z3950 server for Koha and I am finally at the point
where the server works, and I need some help refining the records that I am 
generating (eventually I will build in support for multiple formats; but for
now I would be pretty excited if I could get it to generate "good" MARC)
Basically, the Z3950 server uses SimpleServer, which has a fetch
handler subroutine to fetch one record(the present handler will call 
fetch_handler as often as necessary for the client's request).  So...here is 
a snipit of code from my script where I attempt to generate a MARC record.  
When I run the resulting string from this code through Paul's dumpmarc.pl it 
complains about the leader.  MARC::Record experts: any ideas, suggestions as 
to how to set the leader? Any other suggestions? (BTW: this is my first ever
Perl script, so please don't laugh too hard:))


sub fetch_handler {
        my ($args) = @_;
        my $offset = $args->{OFFSET};
        $offset -= 1;                   ## because $args->{OFFSET} 1 = record #1
        chomp (my $bibid = $bib_list[$offset]); ## Not sure about this
        my $dbh = C4::Context->dbh;
        my $sql_query = "SELECT tag, subfieldcode, subfieldvalue FROM marc_subfi
eld_table where bibid=?";
        my $sth_get = $dbh->prepare("$sql_query");

        ## Build the record:
        my $rec = MARC::Record->new();

        while (my @data=$sth_get->fetchrow_array) {

                my $tag = $data[0];
                my $subfieldcode = $data[1];
                my $subfieldvalue = $data[2];

                my $field = MARC::Field->new(
                                                  $subfieldcode => $subfieldvalu


                ## build the marc string and put into $record
                my $record = $rec->as_usmarc();
                $args->{RECORD} = $record;

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