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Re:[Koha-devel] Re: [Koha] uninstalling

From: lstamm
Subject: Re:[Koha-devel] Re: [Koha] uninstalling
Date: Sun Apr 18 13:09:04 2004
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Roger Horne <address@hidden> writes:


    > The 852 line still shows as TB although the itemtype line in the
    > table is NULL. It has somehow found its way into
    > marc_subfield_table:

I think at least part of your problems are due to having NULL values in
the itemtypes field.  If you have anything else in this field other than
the one of the values in the itemtypes table, all sorts of miscellaneous
errors seem to happen.  The first step in configuring Koha is to add
values to the itemtypes table, and then make sure every catalogue item
you enter has a valid itemtype in the 852 k field.

    > And I chose the budget based entry system.

Unless you have a valid reason for using the budget based system (such
as wanting to keep track of how much book value each person has
contributed to your collection), I would suggest using the simple
acquisition module instead.  As the name suggests, it's simpler. :)

Larry Stamm
PO Box 561
McBride, BC  V0J 2E0

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