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[Koha-devel] Koha on Bookmobile?

From: Joshua Ferraro
Subject: [Koha-devel] Koha on Bookmobile?
Date: Wed Apr 21 06:04:08 2004
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Hi all,

The NPL tech team met on Monday and one of the items on our agenda is
getting our Bookmobile (a library branch on weels) Koha-enabled.  As
things stand right now all transactions are still hand-written.  The
Bookmobile regularly travels to locations where no internet connection
is available and so a dedicated wireless link is not feasable at this 
time.  Does anyone have a similar problem (and hopefully a solution)
or any ideas for automating the Bookmobile with Koha?

One idea we had was installing a full version of Koha on a laptop that
the Bookmobile staff would carry with them throughout the day to use
for transactions...at the end of the day the Bookmobile transactions
would be merged into the system-wide Koha database and the laptop's
database would also be updated with the rest of the transactions, etc.

Any comments, suggestions?


Joshua Ferraro
Systems Administrator
Nelsonville Public Library System

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