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[Koha-devel] major commit in circulation module CVS/HEAD

From: paul POULAIN
Subject: [Koha-devel] major commit in circulation module CVS/HEAD
Date: Fri Apr 30 02:17:01 2004
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Copy/paste of commit notes :

CIRCULATION : the big rewrite...

This 1st commit reorders deeply the circulation module.
The goal is to :
* have something 100% templated/translatable.
* have something easy to read & modify, to say to customers/users : you can define your circulation rules as you want if you accept to look in C4/Circ/Circ2.pm

The circulation now works :
1=> ask for the borrower barcode (as previously)
2=> ask for the item barcode.
3=> check "canbookbeissued". This new sub returns 2 arrays :
- IMPOSSIBLE : if something is here, then the issue is not possible and is not done. - TOBECONFIRMED : if something is here, then the issue can be donc if the user confirms it. 4=> if TOBECONFIRMED is set : ask for confirmation, loop. if neither are set or confirmation flag is set (2nd pass of the loop), then issue.

* the reason of the line. always in capitals, with words separated by _ : BARCODE_UNKNOWN, DEBTS ... as key of the hash * more information, as value of the hash ( TOBECONFIRMED{ALREADY_ISSUED} = "previous_borrower_name", for example)

This commit :
* compiles
* works on certain situations, not on other
* does NOT issue (the line is # )
* does not check issuing rules depending of # of books allowed / already issued

The next step is :
- check issuing rule.
- extend issuing rule to have a 3D array : for each branch / itemtype / borrowertype = issuing number and issuing length.

Consultant ind├ępendant en logiciels libres
responsable francophone de koha (SIGB libre http://www.koha-fr.org)

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