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Re: [Koha-devel] encoding of z3950 imported records

From: Benedict P. Barszcz
Subject: Re: [Koha-devel] encoding of z3950 imported records
Date: Fri Apr 30 04:48:04 2004
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Hi Zbigniew,
It's nice to read that someone appreciates the work Koha developers have continued for so many years now. Your input on the encoding of characters through the z39.50 server could be of great help to us all. I am, however, not competent enough on correctness of all this so, please, could anyone on the list confirm it might be a right solution? Could we include the fix right away?


PS. It is probably one of my last posts from devided Europe. Tomorrow Poland becomes part of EU !!

Zbigniew Bomert OP wrote:
Hi, [...]

> 3. To see correct chars in search result one should also add
> char-decoding of title and author in cgi-bin/z3950/search.pl
> After those changes I can import correctly records from National
> Library, and even polish records from LoC.
> Zbigniew Bomert OP

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