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[Librefm-discuss] Scrobbling libre to last - gmusicbrowser

From: Gordon Haverland
Subject: [Librefm-discuss] Scrobbling libre to last - gmusicbrowser
Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2012 10:02:10 -0600
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I changed passwords at and after the the 
leak, and noticed that I can submit to and you will pass 
it on to

So, running Debian, its package doesn't know 
about, so I downloaded the one from the development tree 
and put it in /usr/share/gmusicbrowser/plugins (renaming the old 
module).  I then visited to set up the forwarding and 
then reconfigured gmusicbrowser to scrobble to 
(that is what the code says anyway).  And running one song, 
nothing shows up at  Looking at the plugin configuration, 
it says handshake failure.

How does a person debug this?


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