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[Librefm-discuss] bootstrapping your libre-fm radio station in rhythmbox

From: John Utz
Subject: [Librefm-discuss] bootstrapping your libre-fm radio station in rhythmbox
Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2013 10:42:35 -0700

I have my login issues worked out, thanks helpful peeps!

so now i am trying to listen via rhythmbox. as an aside, i found out about because it's in rhythmbox, so at least that part is working.

So i have logged in and it's asking me to create a radio station and all of those options dont have any data for me to choose from, they are blank.

so i picked based on artist and typed in 'orbital'.

no songs are showing up.

so do i have to put something in that i know is already in there, ie brad sucks (which i know about from using REAPER because a brad sucks track is used as the default tutorial mixing example.

that is progress because i now have 5 songs in brad sucks radio.

here is another thing, i like orbital *and* ted nugent and some shamisen music? now what?

i *like* what i am hearing by using the webplayer and picking 'loved'. but that isnt available to me in what i see in rhythmbox.

what am i missing? is this an unmet need in the development todo list that needs some cycles to get implemented?

sorry for the pesky questions, but i love the concept of and i want to use it and to help it grow.

i want to turn my musical peers on to it.



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