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Re: [lp-ca-on] Podcast for our Mumble meetings?

From: Bob Jonkman
Subject: Re: [lp-ca-on] Podcast for our Mumble meetings?
Date: Sat, 11 Jun 2016 13:48:51 -0400
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Hrmph. Meant to send this to the list, but hit "Reply" and my Mail
User Agent correctly replied to the message's author. But don't mung
the "Reply-to" header because of my inability to use my mail client

Sorry for the duplicate, Blaise.

There's now a video of Paul Nijjar's presentation on how he creates
the KWLUG podcast.  More complicated than just dropping an audio file
into a folder.

But if we only offer one audio format (.ogg) and don't worry about
"album art" then it might be easier.

Stephen, can you run your Ruby script over the existing files to see
if a podcast comes out?

Did we ever get the domain name ? If so, is
there any storage or hosting associated with that?

- --Bob.

On 2016-05-31 03:07 PM, Blaise Alleyne wrote:
> On 30/05/16 07:06 PM, Sergio Durigan Junior wrote:
>> On Monday, May 30 2016, Bob Jonkman wrote:
>>> Hi all: We're building up a nice collection of audio files
>>> from our Mumble meetings. Is there any interest in creating a 
>>> podcast from them?
>> I guess so, yeah.  And thanks for bringing this topic to our 
>> attention, Bob. [...]
>>> Even if such a podcast doesn't have wide appeal, it would be 
>>> useful to other LibrePlanet Ontario members.  And just the 
>>> exercise of creating a podcast would be useful experience.
>> Agreed.
> +1
> At the very least, it'd make it a little easier for people to keep 
> up with the meetings if they can't attend.
>>> [...] I don't think we need to support non-free audio formats, 
>>> and I'd rather not depend on for hosting (they've 
>>> taken down some video I created for OpenDataDay).
>> Totally agreed about not support non-free audio formats.
> I'm not opposed to making the audio available in formats that can 
> be created with and listen to with free software, but may be 
> patent-encumbered (e.g. MP3, like the Free as in Freedom podcast 
> does). But, I think with our crowd, that wouldn't be necessary.
>>> I looked (very!) briefly for software that can take a 
>>> collection of audio files and generate an Atom/RSS feed out of 
>>> them, but didn't find anything that would work. Does anyone 
>>> know of something?
>> Well, MediaGoblin comes to mind...  Aside from that, I guess any 
>> simple WordPress might be able to handle this, right?
> Yes to both as options.
> Mediagoblin is a bit more complicated to host, and actually not 
> sure off the top of my head whether it presently makes it easy to 
> grab a podcast feed (vs just a feed of everything that gets 
> uploaded).
> WordPress I think can be great for a simple podcast (and easy to 
> get a separate RSS/Atom feed from other posts), perhaps with a 
> plugin like: 
> WordPress could make more sense if we were using that for our 
> website too. Mediagoblin could make sense if we were also using 
> that to host other photos/video from events? *shrugs*
> For *just* the podcast as a standalone though, might be worth 
> looking for simpler options. Hosting these applications makes
> sense to me if we're using them for other things too. *shrugs*
> Sergio's server makes sense to me, since that's what we already 
> decided to manage the domain/website. One of my servers could be
> an option though if needed.
>>> If we do create a podcast it would be nice to have some bumper 
>>> music as an intro and an outro. Does anyone know where we
>>> could get some original Free Culture music? ;-)
> haha, well, thanks for asking, Bob! I just released three new CC 
> BY-SA recordings over the weekend!
> (the first three are the new ones)
> I'm still in the process of collecting, uploading, and making 
> available stems from the multitracks as "source" files, but happy 
> to prioritize anything in particular if we think it might be
> useful for a podcast, e.g. stripping vocals to get an instrumental
> section of one of the songs or something.
> Off the top of my head, some things that could work for brief 
> instrumental intros...
> - ~4:09 (sans vocals) or 5:06 of Anaximander 
> - 3:15 of Canvases (sans vocals) for something a bit more energetic
> - 4:17 of One Look (sans vocals), an older home recording but may 
> not be bad
> Not sure that I'd have time to create something new, but adapting 
> something I've already recorded would be easy. I'm working on 
> recording other original tunes as well, for later in 2016 / into 
> 2017.
> Also, besides me, Brad Turquotte (Brad Sucks) is an Ontario-based 
> (Ottawa) CC BY-SA artist (not sure that he's into free software 
> though).
> Though, his website seems to only have song previews available 
> gratis now rather than full downloads... I guess I'm assuming the 
> purchased downloads are still CC BY-SA. (His already released
> stuff would be CC BY-SA, since it isn't revocable.)
> Or Josh Woodward, while not having an Ontario or free software 
> connection, has hundreds of CC BY songs online, with instrumental 
> MP3s for almost all of his tunes I think.
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