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Re: [Libreplanet-dev] open source donation platform - help/feedback want

From: Alessandro Preziosi (licnep)
Subject: Re: [Libreplanet-dev] open source donation platform - help/feedback wanted
Date: Tue, 14 Jun 2011 23:31:50 +0200

>I wrote about this idea already here: 

Nice post. I will re-read it more attentively later. I agree that a
donation button in ubuntu's software center would be a great incentive
for open source software. There has been some talk about it already,
and I'd like it if we could come up with an API that could be used in
that case too. Like you said it has to be possible to integrate it in
many ways, and it has to be free (as in beer). I would also like it to
be as frictionless as possible, that is, you don't need to make an
account to donate money, nor to receive it (an email should be enough
in this case).
The other website you posted seems interesting too. I liked the idea
to enable a 'bounty' system like that (as they already do in some
projects). Some people I spoke to seem to be against it, but i would
still keep that possibility in mind when making an api, also i could
probably contact the guys at that website.

> I would be happy to help in any non-developer ways.
And we will happily accept your help.
In this phase there are things we need more than programming. We need
to confront ideas with as many people as possible, in order to come up
with a solution that is useful to everybody. Be it just proposing how
a button should look like, or spreading the word about this project...
You can edit the wiki if you want to add/comment ideas, or email me, i
will try to keep you updated, bye,


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