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[libunwind] core file unwinding?

From: Mike Bennett
Subject: [libunwind] core file unwinding?
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2005 16:40:16 -0800
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Sorry if this is a FAQ, but I've not found it
in the archives.

I'd like to unwind the saved state of a process
from a corefile and I don't see a means to do
this with the existing libunwind implementation.

My next step was to build an implementation of a
corefile reader using the libunwind-ptrace.h style,
but I thought I'd ask to see if I've overlooked
something before starting.

I'm on a linux x86 and was considering using the
libbfd primitives to do the actual corefile reading.

Thoughts, pointers (especially to existing code!) are
most welcome.


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