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Re: [Libunwind-devel] libunwind ARM port

From: David Mosberger-Tang
Subject: Re: [Libunwind-devel] libunwind ARM port
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2008 10:20:50 -0700

On 1/2/08, Daniel Jacobowitz <address@hidden> wrote:
> And it breaks exceptions
> completely for ARM, since the ARM libgcc_s unwinder uses the same API
> but a different kind of compact unwind tables, not supported by
> libunwind.  The standard .eh_frame sections are not present.

Is the format of these "compact unwind tables" described somewhere?
It would be nice if libunwind would work at least as well or better
than the libgcc_s unwinder, so if it's reasonably possible, it would
be nice to add support for these compact tables.

I'll review the complete patch in the next few days.  I'm actually
quite interested in the ARM support as it will help me with a little
embedded project of mine, so thanks! ;-)


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