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Re: [Linphone-users]newbie: suitable soundcards

From: Simon Morlat
Subject: Re: [Linphone-users]newbie: suitable soundcards
Date: 29 Sep 2002 23:33:44 +0200


I have personnaly a Sound Baster 64 V on PCI bus, and it works well so
SB 128 V is probably at least better.
In a general manner, I think any recent (last two years) PCI soundcard
is perfect.
For the noname card, ensure that is supported by alsa drivers. If you
cannot find the name, lookat the name of the chips on the card. For
example Ensoniq 1371 or 1370 (es1371) is the chip for SB 16 64/128

Le dim 29/09/2002 à 21:23, Ekkard Gerlach a écrit :
> Hello, 
> I'm new with linphone. Conversation works partly. I think
> the errors are caused by my  SoundBlaster Vibra16C CT 4180
> (ISA-Card) that is not full duplex with ALSA-drivers. 
> Also my Advance Logic ALS100 plus  doesn't work
> properly. My second PC with 
> TerraTec "T Solo 1-S" (PCI)  seems to work better because 
> it's full-duplex. 
> Can somebody give me a advice for a cheap but working card
> for voice over ip , here linphone ? 
> A computer shop next to me sells
>    CREATIVE (B) SB 128 P&P (Stereo) PCI     20 Euro
>    Soundcard 32 PnP PCI                     15 Euro  ( noname ?)        
>    TERRATEC (B) SoundSystem 128i PCI (bulk) 18 Euro
> . Are these cards working with linux and with linphone ? 
> thx
> Ekkard, working with Suse 7.2 
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