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[Linphone-users]Linphone 0.9.1 Vocoder issue, seems not able to enable M

From: Sanjay Gupta
Subject: [Linphone-users]Linphone 0.9.1 Vocoder issue, seems not able to enable MULAW, ALAW, GSM
Date: Thu, 31 Oct 2002 12:20:51 -0800

So far I have noticed several sip protocol issues but before I move into that, I want to make one successful call with Linphone using any of the freely available windows compatible sip phones which I can run on my other windows running m/c.

For that I tried Webley, where I notices some issues with webley not able to handle soem specific headers from linphone.

Now I tired to use softphone from eStara.

Problem is that Linphone is not able to handle any of the ALAW, MULAW or GSM.

1 Issues with call from Linphone to Soft phone :
When I try to make call with either of ALAW, MULAW or GSM enabled, m line in sdp has no corrsponding vocoder, but if call is made enabling vocoder for LPC or Speex, I see m line has vocoder for LPC/SPeex.
This might be due to the following issues :

When trying to enable either of ALAW, MULAW, GSM through the linphone interface, I see no log generated for these vocoders. But for LPC and speex, I am able to enable the these vocoders, and also log shows:
"Added audio payload type  to SDP properties 115"
"Added audio payload type  to SDP properties 111"

Also I notices some warning messages while starting linphone as :
"MediaStream WARNING **: Unable to find mixer for id 1."
"MediaStream WARNING **: Unable to find mixer for id 3."

2. When trying to call from Softphone to linphone using MULAW/ALAW
"415 Unsupported media" is generated by linphone

Please help me figure out the issue.

Also if you know some windows compatible free phone through which I can test linphone please let me know.

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