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[Linphone-users]Re: use with outbound proxy siproxd

From: Thomas Ries
Subject: [Linphone-users]Re: use with outbound proxy siproxd
Date: Thu, 14 Nov 2002 01:47:34 +0100 (CET)

Hi there

As the maintainer of siproxd I may provide some useful informations ;-)

First I have to admin that the documentation of siproxd is
a) far from complete
b) not very detailed yet
c) could be better ;-)

For your enviroment the config of the linphone SIP parameters
would look like:

Your sip address:       sip:rbrewer@<your_ppp_IP_address>
Server address:         sip:
Address of record:      sip:rbrewer@<your_ppp_IP_address>

The following check boxes enabled:
- use sip registrar
- Proxy server 
- Outbound Proxy

<your_ppp_IP_address> is the IP address (or host name) that you
got on the PPP link.

For siproxd, the outbound address will be <your_ppp_IP_address>.
Currently, you have two possibilities to use dynamic IP addresses
with siproxd:

a) Edit the config file each time you IP changes
   I agree, this is not desirable

b) use some dynamic DNS service and then use the host name.
   I personally use DynDNS (->

I may add some better support for dynamic IP addresses within

(has anybody some C code snipplets at hand how to fetch the IP
address of a specific interface by knowing just its name?)



> Message: 3
> To: address@hidden
> Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 01:38:04 -0500 (EST)
> Reply-To: address@hidden
> From: address@hidden (Robert W. Brewer)
> Subject: [Linphone-users]use with outbound proxy siproxd
> I'm running the Linphone 0.9.1 Debian package.  It's working correctly
> as much as I've tested so far, which is just talking to sipomatic.
> Now I'm trying to operate with siproxd as an outbound proxy, since
> my Linphone machine connects to the Internet via another Linux box
> configured as an IP masquerading firewall.  
> I've read the documentation, and it isn't very clear about 
> what the different addresses mean.  In particular, I'm
> confused about what to fill in for the following fields
> in the SIP Parameters tab:
>   Your sip address:  sip:address@hidden
>   Server address:    sip:
>   Address of record  sip:address@hidden
> Do those look correct?  Do they even matter since I'm not
> really registering with a server?  Note that wiz is not a valid
> external DNS name.  Linphone does seem to be registering with
> my siproxd.
>  is the internal address of my firewall machine
>   209.92.x.y   is the external (ppp) address of my firewall machine,
>                     which is dynamic
> is the internal address of my Linphone machine
> Also, it appears that every time I start my ppp session
> I will have to edit the siproxd config file and tell it
> my new outbound ppp address.  Is that true?
> Thanks for any hints.
> -Rob

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