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[Linphone-users]Problems with linphone

From: Marc Oli
Subject: [Linphone-users]Problems with linphone
Date: Tue, 08 Apr 2003 17:34:22 +0200

I try to use linphone-0.10.0 with libosip-0.9.3 in a private network.I patch linphone with KUNITAKE Koichi patch to use it with IPv6, too. I configure all machines with the apropiate address modifying /etc/hosts file to resolve the adresses. My probles is that when I tape the sip address with the name of the machine and the domain. The INVITe packet arrive to the destination but the machine which have to reply have an error:

| INFO2 | <transaction.c: 38> allocating transaction ressource 1 1648446610
| INFO2 | <ist.c: 32> allocating IST context
| INFO1 | <ist_callbacks.c: 184> OnEvent_New_IncomingInvite!

| INFO1 | <ist_callbacks.c: 46> Sending 100 trying.

|WARNING| <uatransaction.c: 307> ua_transaction_execute: could not get dialog transaction.

error: Name or service not known
Segmentation fault

By the other hand, when I use the sip address with the IP address works.

If anyone knows why it happen it, please tell me something.

Thank you.


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