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[Linphone-users]how to build webserver with rtp support?

From: Mildred L. Frisco
Subject: [Linphone-users]how to build webserver with rtp support?
Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 17:18:05 +0800
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Hi! I have two sets of questions regarding an application i would like to make. 1. I'm thinking of building a webserver with rtp support on it. Or if I have an existing embedded webserver, do you think it's sensible to put rtp support on it to improve streaming of data (e.g. video or audio from a camera)? Somebody told me that you can only use one, http or rtp, for the application. I was thinking http will be used for the connection and then rtp (over udp) will be used to send the data. How do I actually implement this using the oRTP library? What modules do I need? 2. Does the other end which would receive the streamed data also need to have rtp support? For example, if I access the webserver through a webbrowser, I think it needs a plugin which can display the video (e.g. realplayer or quicktime), or just a player which can get input through http or url address. Does the plugin (or webbrowser) or player need to have rtp?

Thank you in advance.


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