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[Linphone-users] sound output issue

From: Richard Ougendal
Subject: [Linphone-users] sound output issue
Date: 18 May 2004 22:28:04 +0200
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When using the puter as a music source, home theater system, work machine and 
gaming centre I get very annoyed starting linphone. The problem is that 
linphone sets the global volume for the puter and therefor sets the volume for 
any other app with sound output. When having the puter hooked directly to a 
power amp using the puter to set the volume its a nighmare to start linphone. 
Just the same when I listen to music and the phone rings, I need to stop the 
music to hear the person on the other end.  I would have no problem at all if 
linphone where setting the volume for linphone and not for every app running on 
the puter, but I dont think alsa supports this. If linphone where to have jack 
support ( this could be a reality. Linphone would 
then have its own sound channel wich you can set the volume just for linphone 
and not bother other app running with sound output.

As I'm not a programmer it would be very hard for me trying to implement this. 
But I would be glad to contribute. 

Please comment the above... 


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