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Re: [Linphone-users] Connection dies in one direction

From: administrator tootai
Subject: Re: [Linphone-users] Connection dies in one direction
Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 14:12:07 +0200
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Tim Niemueller a écrit :


Hello Tim

I'm using linphone to connect to a SIP telco in Germany ( This allows me to have a real phone number and to call POTS phones.

The setup:

SIP Gateway --- Internet --- Router --- Workstation/linphone

The router is configured to forward ports 5060/udp, 7078/udp and 7079/udp to the workstation.

Establishing a connection works. Audio is working in both directions - at least in the beginning.

After a while - this varies from about a minute to several minutes - the incoming audio gets scattered and then lost. The remote partner (which sits on the POTS network and is routed by sipgate) can still listen to what I say but I can't hear him. iptraf still shows incoming and outgoing traffic.

I have tested X-Lite on a Windoze notebook and this shows no problem at all. I can talk for a long time. I also tried an H.323 connection (peer to peer from one Linux machine to another) to test if there is some general network problem - this is not the case...

Did anybody already encounter this problem (and hopefully solve it)? Any ideas on what I could try to get it working stable? The audio quality is pretty good and I would really like to use it regular and get rid of my POTS phone...

Yes, with my asterisk. If I  replace it with siproxd no problem. So I
don't know if it's an asterisk or linphone (or both) problem

Thanks in advance.



PS: I have created RPMs for Fedora Core 2 (and 1) of linphone which makes the installation pretty easy. If this is OK with you Simon I will put the packages (split it up) into my ExtRPMs RPM APT repository (

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