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Re: [Linphone-users] Various problems

From: administrator tootai
Subject: Re: [Linphone-users] Various problems
Date: Thu, 20 May 2004 14:13:15 +0200
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I give answers for those who face same problems

administrator tootai a écrit :

Hi list,

I'm playing around with various SIP soft phone and SIP proxy server. I'm using 0.12.1 version on Debian unstable (also running kphone) and 0.12.2 on RH90 box. Both with alsa drivers. As proxy I installed siproxd (latest build 04May2004).

This version of siproxd is not working with linphone. You should have at
least this from 09May2004.

My goal is to understand what's happend so please forgive me if some of my solutions aren't a linphone issue. I have to start on one point to solve my problems ;-)

Here they are:

1) impossible to use kphone with linphone on the other side. Noisy connection, can't hear anything

No solution found

2) x-ten lite (windows) with linphone, audio only from xten lite to linphone (both linphone versions).

It's more an asterisk and/or codec stuff (gsm and g711)

2) if kphone is calling linphone and linphone hangup (having accept the call or not) kphone client doesn't recognised the hangup!

Still the same, even with others UA

3) kphone is able to connect to siproxd. With linphone (both versions) I get an
| INFO1 | <nict_callbacks.c: 107> OnEvent_New_Incoming4xxResponse!
| INFO1 | <nict_callbacks.c: 127> User need to authenticate to REGISTER!
| INFO1 | <utils.c: 409> Outgoing interface to reach <PublicDomainName> is | ERROR | <osipdialog.c: 1681> generating_request_out_of_dialog: setting ua->ua_family=2 from localip | INFO1 | <authentication.c: 296> www_authenticate header is not acceptable. | INFO1 | <osipdialog.c: 621> error: could not create authorization header.

So I'm not able to register to server

4) 0.12.2 still send 0.12.1 in user-agent string

Thanks for comments or any hint.

Have a nice day


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