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[Linphone-users] cannot call out

From: Jeffery Huang
Subject: [Linphone-users] cannot call out
Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 18:02:24 +0800
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We try to use the source from cvs to compile a x86 based linphone. Here we have 3 problems. 1. We setup the proxy, although it can show that register successful. But we cannot keyin the authentication passwd. So we don't know if it is sucessful. How do we sure that the registration is successs with the authentication user we input?
2. We cannot call out to another sip client via sip proxy(SER).
3. We can use a sip client on windows(SJPhone) to call linphone, and it also ring and can answer. We can hear the voice from SJPhone to linphone, but we cannot hear the voice from linphone to sjphone. What happened here?

Is there anyone know how to resolve? Please kindly tell us. Thanks for your help!

Jeffery Huang

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