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[Linphone-users] Failed to build debug version of linphone 1.3.5 in KDev

From: Marco Wang
Subject: [Linphone-users] Failed to build debug version of linphone 1.3.5 in KDevelop
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2006 16:38:50 +0800


I was building linphone 1.3.5. The build process goes smoothly in command line mode. However, when I try to use KDevelop in debug mode, failure happens.

Step 1: First I import the existing linphone 1.3.5 project into KDevelop;
Step 2: The default project is "debug", with "--enable-debug=full"

The build process fails during configuring, because oRTP configure script only recognises "--enable-debug=yes" rather than "full";

Step 3: After fixing the oRTP script problem, it fails when compiling mediastreamer2/mscommon.cpp, included file "alldescs.h" doesn't exist.

But KDevelop can configure, make and install if there is no "--enable-debug=full" in project configuration.
My linux is Fedora 4.

Anyone can help me out?

Marco Wang
address@hidden, skype, hotmail
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