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[Linphone-users] linphone-1.7.1, cvs branched, roadmap

From: Simon Morlat
Subject: [Linphone-users] linphone-1.7.1, cvs branched, roadmap
Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2007 21:28:58 +0200
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This email is too keep you informed about linphone's development.

- today I've released 1.7.1 which is a small bug fix + cz translation release 
over the 1.7.0. The main feature of 1.7.0 is actually a pure GTK+ interface 
(thanks to a contributed patch) instead of the hard-to-compile gnome one. 
Another big improvement is in the way RTP streams are open and started, and 
the way video theora key frames are exchanged, so that no more problem of 
broken video over NAT should occur.

- the cvs is now branched: the main branch is under heavy work to switch 
linphone from eXosip1 to eXosip2. This will take time but there so many long 
waited improvements to expect with eXosip2 that it became urgent to start the 
port. The current 1.7.x branch has the "exosip1" tag on CVS.
To update your cvs to exosip1 branch, use "cvs update -d -P -r exosip1"

- today a new version of the website has been deployed, with a french 
translation. There may be some broken links in the next few days until it is 

- about the roadmap: there are plenty of interesting features in the TODO 
list, but for the next weeks the two main objectives are: 
 * move to eXosip2
 * linphone-wx (win32 gui) continuation (still many features missing)

Contributions are of course welcomed for any of the items of the TODO list !


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