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[Linphone-users] Linphone With non-standard Dependencies

From: Adam Rutherford
Subject: [Linphone-users] Linphone With non-standard Dependencies
Date: Fri, 07 Mar 2008 02:01:08 +0000
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Hey all

I've been trying to compile linphone manually
They problem is, it has to be compiled with all the dependencies in another location /somefolder instead of /usr

This seems to have almost worked out, except 1 final small problem

-bash-3.1$ ldd linphone | grep osip => not found => /my/folder/libosip2-3.1.0/lib/ (0x00431000) => /usr/cslib/programs/libosip2-3.1.0/lib/ (0x003ae000) => /my/folder/libosip2-3.1.0/lib/ (0x0049d000)
-bash-3.1$ ldd linphonec | grep osip => /my/folder/libosip2-3.1.0/lib/ (0x00ba6000) => /my/folder/libosip2-3.1.0/lib/ (0x00ea8000) => /my/folder/libosip2-3.1.0/lib/ (0x00626000)
-bash-3.1$ ldd sipomatic | grep osip => /my/folder/libosip2-3.1.0/lib/ (0x00525000) => /my/folder/libosip2-3.1.0/lib/ (0x00987000) => /my/folder/libosip2-3.1.0/lib/ (0x00b81000)

I don't know why, but linhpone is linking twice, but 1 of them doesn't exist

This seems to be the last and final problem with my compile of linphone
I believe that this may be a problem with some #include for linphone, but could be wrong

Any input would be appreciated

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