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[Linphone-users] HTC Hero Android 2.1 - Registration failure

From: Administrator TOOTAI
Subject: [Linphone-users] HTC Hero Android 2.1 - Registration failure
Date: Fri, 27 Aug 2010 19:35:40 +0200
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I installed Linphone on my HTC device and setup my account (own Asterisk server on Internet, out of the office network). Linphone is unable to register. Debug shows that registration procedure is going well till:

cb_sndreq_retransmission (id=63)
eXosip: timer sec:3 usec:181601!
cb_nickt_kill_transaction (id=63)
eXosip: resetting timer to 10s before waking up!
linphone process event get a message 2

aso. Always usec is a 6 digit number.

The same account setted up in SipDroid or cSipSimple is working well. IMSDroid doesn't register too, don't now if build on eXosip.


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