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Re: [Linphone-users] Android H264 question

From: Franck Danard
Subject: Re: [Linphone-users] Android H264 question
Date: Thu, 10 Jan 2013 20:51:39 +0100
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Thanks guys for your reply.

In any case, why not to provide a Linphone "not free" with h264 codec?

For historical, i use it for displaying some SIP cameras using only H264 codec.
I dial my SIP camera number, and i look what happen, that's all.

The camera provides only H264 codecs.  So i'm locked

I'll try to download to last version using H264 codec.

Thanks for your help and advises. ;-)


Franck Danard

Le 10/01/2013 18:51, Jehan Monnier a écrit :
Hi Franck,

To clarify, it looks like mpegla claims for patent royalties above 100 000 units. This is a figure Linphone video is close to reach. This is the reason why we are forced to remove h264 from our distributed version. More information on:

But as said by Sylvain, nothing prevent you from compiling it by yourself. Alternatively, VP8 is also a great codec which is not (yet ?) subject to patent fees.


Le 10 janv. 2013 à 18:29, Sylvain Berfini a écrit :

Hi Franck,

H264 is as you may know a patended codec. Until now we were allowed to publish Linphone with it enabled without paying fees, but not anymore. That's why it is disabled on the market latest version.
However, you can still download the linphone sources and compile yourself the android binary (best solution), or you can download one of the daily linphone android builds (doesn't requiere any compilation, but can be unstable).
For both of the solutions, you'll find the information you need here :


Sylvain Berfini
Software Engineer @ Belledonne Communications
Le 10/01/2013 18:10, Franck Danard a écrit :
Hi all, and happy new year.

Since the last update, there's no h264 codec. :-\
Before this last version, the H264 has been enabled, and it worked fine.
Today, i cannot use Linphone under android (Galaxy S), There's only one codec VP8.
How to have a Linphone package including the h264 codec please?

Best regards
Franck Danard

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