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[Linphone-users] Android app: closing foreground (task) window now close

From: Euan Thoms
Subject: [Linphone-users] Android app: closing foreground (task) window now closes app completely (v2.5.0)
Date: Wed, 26 Aug 2015 20:21:48 +0800
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I just updated my android phones' Linphone app to version 2.5.0. I noticed that 
now when I swipe the Linphone window to the right in the multi-tasking list, 
which closes foreground app instances, it closes Linphone completely. 
Previously Linphone would keep running in the background and the icon still 
appear in the system tray (or whatever it's called on Android).

I much prefer the prevoius behaviour, since I regularly clear my running apps 
list for neatness and to save memory/battery etc. It has become my habbit and 
perhpas I have a bit of OCD but _I MUST_ do it. I have other apps that require 
always running in the background (Converstaions for XMPP/Jaber etc.). They all 
behave the same way, the foreground window/task closure does not exit the app 

Linphone is a phone and so it must ALWAYS be running. Is this new behaviour 
intentional? Can it be reverted? Perhaps an easily accessible button in the 
main menu for "Close Linphone" would be better.

Note: I'm installing Linphone from the F-Droid app store, they have their own 

P.S. Linphone is awesome! I use it mostly on Linux desktop. The 3.7.0 changes 
made a big difference, and now it's very reliable with good quality calls. I'm 
in the process of getting my company on it for some internal calls / 

Regards, Euan Thoms

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