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Re: [Linphone-users] There is no video in IOS app for 3rd party software

From: Johan Pascal
Subject: Re: [Linphone-users] There is no video in IOS app for 3rd party software, in iphone device
Date: Fri, 18 Sep 2015 17:42:31 +0200
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Dear Xavier,
you linphone iOS build support VP8 codec only which doesn't seem to be supported by Jitsi(see the answer message from Jitsi, the video mline is empty which means no compatible video codec has been found) which explains why you can't establish video call between jitsi and linphone as you built it.

To support video calls between linphone and jitsi, you must either found  a way to have jitsi supporting VP8 or enable other video codec(like open H264) in your linphone build.



On 18/09/15 16:07, Francisco Xavier wrote:

I have successfully installed Linphone on my Iphone 6 device, through this very helpful source ( The app is deployed in my device, I’ve configured it to use “” voip server online, and works like a charm. I can place calls and send messages. I cannot, however, place video calls. There is no video, whether I start an audio call and initiate video feed, or if I start a video call from the start. It doesn’t work. I am using linphone on Iphone, and a 3rd party app in the desktop. If I use linphone also on the desktop, the video call gets established but with POOR quality (another problem to solve later on). I wan't to use linphone with 3rd party software, what needs to be done?

Can you please help me solve the issue? I’ve configured my liblinphone-sdk for non third party, as there is a chance for commercial licensing later on. Linphone sdk has the following configuration, and I am surprised video does not work at all:

-- Debug:
-- Including builder antlr3c
-- Including builder polarssl
-- Including builder cunit
-- Including builder bellesip
-- Including builder ortp
-- Including builder gsm
-- Including builder opus
-- Including builder speex
-- Including builder vpx
-- Including builder srtp
-- Including builder bzrtp
-- Including builder ms2
-- Including builder libilbcrfc3951
-- Including builder msilbc
-- Including builder mswebrtc
-- Including builder mssilk
-- Including builder linphone

-- Enabled Features:

  • Unit tests , Build unit tests programs for belle-sip, mediastreamer2 and linphone.
  • Documentation , Enable documentation generation with Doxygen.
  • SRTP , SRTP media encryption support.
  • ZRTP , ZRTP media encryption support.
  • DTLS , DTLS media encryption support.
  • GSM , GSM audio encoding/decoding support.
  • iLBC , iLBC audio encoding/decoding support.
  • ISAC , ISAC audio encoding/decoding support.
  • OPUS , OPUS audio encoding/decoding support.
  • Silk , Silk audio encoding/decoding support.
  • Speex , Speex audio encoding/decoding support.
  • Video , Ability to capture and display video.
  • VPX , VPX (VP8) video encoding/decoding support.

    -- Disabled features:

    • Tunnel , Secure tunnel for SIP/RTP (require license).
    • RTP MAP , Always include rtpmap in SDP.
    • GPL third parties , Usage of GPL third-party code (FFmpeg and x264).
    • Non free codecs , Allow inclusion of non-free codecs in the build.
    • AMR-NB , AMR narrow-band audio encoding/decoding support (require license).
    • AMR-WB , AMR wide-band audio encoding/decoding support (require license).
    • G.729 , G.729 audio encoding/decoding support (require license).
    • WASAPI , Windows Audio Session API (WASAPI) sound card support.
    • WebRTC AEC , WebRTC echo canceller support.
    • FFmpeg , Some video processing features via FFmpeg: JPEG encoding/decoding, video scaling, H264 decoding...
    • H263 , H263 video encoding/decoding support (require license).
    • H263+ , H263+ video encoding/decoding support (require license).
    • MPEG4 , MPEG4 video encoding/decoding support (require license).
    • OpenH264 , H.264 video encoding/decoding support with the openh264 library (require license).
    • X264 , H.264 video encoding support with the x264 library (require license).
    • V4L , V4L camera driver.
    • MKV , MKV playing and recording support.

The app store does not work with the 3rd party application as well. Here attached are the logs of the source code.
BTW: Jitsi was the 3rd party application used in the desktop. 
Video Codecs: H.264, H.263-1998 / H.263+, (VP8 coming soon…)

Francisco Xavier

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