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Re: [Linphone-users] Call cut instantly when sending a call / Head phon

From: Nicolas Estrangin
Subject: Re: [Linphone-users] Call cut instantly when sending a call / Head phone isn’t recognised
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 2020 14:29:53 +0200
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Thanks for your answer Peio. I installed the new version: while installing it, I had many error messages which approximately said « Error while trying to open the file in writing mode ». I ignored for all and successfully installed the app with all my contacts, etc.

But I still have both problems... Here is the log of my tries (send a call and receive one):
What kind of information about my configuration would you need?


Le 24/06/2020 à 13:52, Peio Rigaux a écrit :


Don't worry, your english is clear.

The version you are talking about is 3 years olds and lack a lot of fixes.

Please try with the 4.2-alpha-90 available here.

Download it, and enable logs in advanced tab of settings.

If you have some issues with this new version, please send details about your configuration and logs.

New desktop release will come soon (this week or next week).


Peio Rigaux
Junior Software Engineer
Belledonne Communications, the company behind Linphone

Le 24/06/2020 à 11:23, Nicolas Estrangin a écrit :

I hope my English will be clear enough to explain my problems. I’m a new user of Linphone on Windows 10 and I use « Desktop 4.1.1 - Qt5.9.0 » « Core 3.12.0 » version of Linphone. I subscribed an OVH account to send and receive some calls and I have two problems :
  • Linphone doesn’t recognise my headphones and although it’s connected, the sound continues to come out from the computer’s speakers. The headphone doesn’t appear in the audio parameters list.
  • when I send a call (to my cellphone for example), instantly after picking up the phone, it automatically hangs up.
I can send some details about configuration if needed.

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards

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