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Re: [Linphone-users] Call monitoring

From: Trent Creekmore
Subject: Re: [Linphone-users] Call monitoring
Date: Sat, 17 Jul 2021 02:26:24 -0500
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That is done on the server side, not client.

On 7/16/21 2:30 PM, Mostafa via Linphone-users wrote:

I am setting up a matrimonial website (and iOS/Android app later on), however, I require audio and video calls for members where they may have a guardian monitoring the call.

We would also need to set time limits on various membership plans.

Does Linphone allow full customisation to allow such features?

Our site would be hosted most likely on AWS so would there be any issue with Linphone on such hosting servers?
We would expect around 500 members / month in the first year and then expect rapid growth due to our digital ID verification. Our robust platform will be designed for unlimited members so can Jitsi take this many members?

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