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[Linphone-users] TypeError: Value is undefined ...

From: ael
Subject: [Linphone-users] TypeError: Value is undefined ...
Date: Sat, 21 Jan 2023 14:47:35 +0000

I am running linphone desktop under debian testing:

$ dpkg -s linphone-desktop
Package: linphone-desktop
Maintainer: Debian VoIP Team <>
Architecture: amd64
Source: linphone-desktop (4.4.10-2)
Version: 4.4.10-2+b1

For a while now, I have not been able to add new contacts. I can enter
the new name, but clicking on the (+) icons to enter the sip address,
etc does nothing other than produce the type error:

(From the log)

 TypeError: Value is undefined and could not be converted to an object

Linphone itself reports:
Desktop 4.4.10 - Qt5.15.7
Core 5.1.65

In passing, I have also recently found a probably unrelated bug: after
accepting an incoming call successfully, the next incoming call from the
same caller is not detected by linphone unless it is restarted. This when
using as the registry. I haven't explored this bug
properly or collected logs so far, nor am I sure whether a "second"
call from another caller is also rejected.

But for now, lets's concentrate on the inability to add a new contact...


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