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Re: [Linphone-users] Can't call numbers on linphone

From: ael
Subject: Re: [Linphone-users] Can't call numbers on linphone
Date: Wed, 6 Sep 2023 16:21:54 +0100

On Wed, Sep 06, 2023 at 03:35:38PM +0200, Philipp Mendler wrote:
> Hey there, 
> I can't call numbers via linphone because the dial button isn't showing after 
> entering the number.
> Even the test number 10000 can't be called. What's the issue?

That sounds like sipgate... :-)

Anyway. I had the same issue when I had an "upgrade". In fact, the dial
window is still available via an icon, but it isn't obviou to people
coming from an old version.
I had Preferences->Calls and Chat -> show DTMF keyboard automatically
set in my old version, but in the new version the DTMF keyboard window
overlays the main window, so it is impossible to make an outgoing call
since that cannot be selected.

So it is probably a good idea to avoid that although I think there is a
new keyboard icon that I could have clicked, and then I imagine the
window would disappear.

Anyway, with that selsection off, there is an new keyboard icon which
toggles the keyboard window.

But maybe you have a different problem...


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