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Re: [linterna-magica-users] Linterna-magica not inserting itself in Vime

From: Ivaylo Valkov
Subject: Re: [linterna-magica-users] Linterna-magica not inserting itself in Vimeo pages, when new layout used
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2012 18:48:00 +0300

В 11:19 -0400 на 25.03.2012 (нд), Dave Hunt написа:
> Hi,


> When I use the new layout for Vimeo pages, 

Could you share from where this layout can be turned on/off? It will
help me test Linterna Mágica with it and try to duplicate the issue.

> Linterna-magica does not show 
> up, and there is no way to play content.  

> When I switch back to the old 
> layout, Linterna does insert itself, but the videow no longer 
> automatically play; I have to use the 'download' link, inserted by 
> Linterna.  

If this does not happen on every page, could you share a specific link?

> It still seems to work properly on youtube and pages.

Support for some websites is specific and while some work others may
not. All three have specific support as far as I remember.

> Could this be related to bug 
>  entitled 
> "Linterna-magica does not work"?

That bug is for the Scriptish extension that is an alternative to


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